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16 - 26 March 2024

Curated by Emma Miles

In January 2024, I was presented with the opportunity to curate an exhibition featuring the work of Heather Sutherland Wade, a renowned Jamaican fine artist and graphic designer who has been active in the Jamaican and international art landscape since 1970.


Hues of Jamaica marks the the first official exhibition at Sunnyside, the artist's home and personal studio. Featuring a curated collection of (98) works, the momentous show delves into Sutherland Wade's artistic journey over the past twenty years, while highlighting the essence of Jamaica. 

In addition to curating the exhibition, I wrote all curatorial textual material, created the exhibition catalogue, all graphic, marketing and promotional material, planned the opening event, and facilitated the scheduling of viewings. 

Exhibition Text

Heather Sutherland Wade: Hues of Jamaica explores two decades of artistic evolution, while capturing the essence of Jamaica. Celebrating the sense of peace that Sutherland Wade continues to evoke within her paintings, this momentous show brings together an array of subjects, ranging from sweeping landscapes and tranquil seascapes, to vibrant flora and charming townscapes. Sutherland Wade’s characteristic style can be seen in each piece, through her distinctive and unapologetic use of colour, composition, shape and texture. With pieces conceived exclusively for the exhibition, Hues of Jamaica pays homage to the artist’s mastery, while sprouting new narratives on growth and the beauty of nature and life.


Hues of Jamaica presented an exciting challenge: crafting an exhibition within a domestic setting, collaborating directly with the artist in her home and personal studio, and working with both indoor and outdoor space. The artist initially presented over 100 paintings to work with - all acrylic on canvas, ranging in size from 12” x 12” to as large as 40” x 60”. After making some cuts to the selection, 97 works were finalised for the exhibition. 


Transforming the home space into an exhibition space imbued an inviting setting for visitors, fostering a sense of familiarity and connection with the works - both in their subject matter and their display. Custom-crafted wooden panels, as well as easels, were used as display mediums, bringing attention to while blurring the lines between studio and exhibition.

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