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My research investigates questions of identity and code-switching by tracing lexical and phonological changes in language over time. Conducted between 2016 - 2018, my research has been directly influenced by my social interactions and experiences living in Ontario and Quebec, Canada and Kingston, Jamaica. 


Five of my seven years living in Canada were spent in Montréal, where in my opinion, exists the truest form of French/English bilingualism in Canada. With almost 50% of students being from Quebec, over 30% being international, and 20% from the rest of Canada, McGill University creates a unique language environment. Its influence has become central in my research.​ Four out of five projects focus on lexical variables . And all five projects focus on language changes over time. I believe lexical choices are one of the strongest indicators of a person's origin, and can play a direct role in shaping their identity. The importance of sex and location also prove to be integral in my research.

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