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27 October 23 - 22 December 23

IED, Palazzo Strozzi

Co-Curator, Curated by the 2022-23 Master in Curatorial Practice at IED Firenze

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During my work on The Tilt of Time, I collaborated with seven contemporary artists and within our curatorial collective of ten women, to develop the project’s exhibition, public programme and catalogue. My involvement spanned the entire project lifecycle, which included research, concept development, conducting artist interviews, the writing of textual materials, installation and spatial design. My core work was my position as Head of the Writing and Editorial team, where I spearheaded the creation of the curatorial essay, wall texts, press releases and the refinement of artist interviews for our catalogue.

The exhibition and public programme took place within the spaces of IED Firenze and Palazzo Strozzi. The catalogue publication created in collaboration with Kunstverein Publishing Milano delves into each artist's practice, featuring artist interviews and recounting the creation of the site-specific projects.

Exhibition Text

The Tilt of Time is an exhibition that investigates the multifaceted nature of time, designed to question and ‘tilt’ preconceived notions, through the works of Giulio Aldinucci, Fabrizio Ajello and Francesco D'Isa, Chiara Bettazzi, Alessandro Gandolfi, Jacopo Jenna, and Namsal Siedlecki.


Through the exploration of six research trajectories, The Tilt of Time proposes reflections that range from the transformation of objects and their meanings over time and history to the current role of artificial intelligence in the creation of images and its relationship with the visual arts, while touching on the geopolitical tensions of our present – ‘tilting’ original understandings while creating new experiences.


The project is created in dialogue with the show by Anish Kapoor 'Untrue Unreal' and marks the third year of collaboration between the Master in Curatorial Practice at IED Firenze and the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi. The project is coordinated by Daria Filardo (IED) and Martino Margheri (Fondazine Palazzo Strozzi), curated by the class of the 2022/23 Master, Georgina Anastasi, Victoria Cassone, Hailey Conway, Patricia Hale-Siedler, Sneha Harish Chaturani, Solomiia Hrebeniak-Dubova, Alisa Kanevskiy, Catarina Mel, Emma Miles and Alexandra Skilnick.


Excerpts from my interview with exhibiting artist, Chiara Bettazzi.

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Sleeping Concert, Giulio Aldinucci

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

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Here and Now, Jacopo Jenna

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

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