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In 2017, my LING 320 Sociolinguistics class collected responses to a sociolinguistic questionnaire consisting of 87 language questions. All responses were collected from speakers of North American English. 


The questionnaire was divided into four sections: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and spelling.


Most of the questions had been reproduced verbatim (for comparative purposes) from an earlier survey by M.H. Scargill and H.J. Warkentyne (the Survey of Canadian English).

This allowed for a comparison between the data collected in 2016 with data from 44 years ago, a difference of almost two generations. Each section of the questionnaire also included some new questions that were not on the original survey.


The primary motivation for this study was to provide students with hands-on experience gathering data. All data collected by the class was compiled and summarised in a report by Professor C. Boberg.

Read it here.
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